We use Dulux paints wherever possible inside and out. We are happy to give  advice about colour choices and schemes.


We use the Dulux Weathershield paint system on external walls and woodwork.


 Walls: first loose render is scraped away, deep cracks are opened up with angle grinder, powdery areas sealed with specialist primer,  exterior grade filler applied (mortar on deeper areas), filler sanded down. Wherever practical we will cover the ground below the walls where we are working.


Woodwork: rotten wood is burnt/scraped away,  wood hardener applied, where necessary new timber introduced & 2-part epoxy wood filler applied. Surfaces are then sanded down, primed, undercoated and glossed.


We mainly work of ladders -  saving householders the cost of scaffolding.


Before painting, interior walls are 'made good'; cracks  filled and surfaces sanded down. Powder-based fillers are  used on flat areas and flexible fillers used in corners and on joints.


The normal procedure is for rooms to  receive two coats of emulsion on the walls and ceilings and two coats of oil-based paint (gloss, satinwood, eggshell) on the woodwork. If a customer is allergic to oil-based paints, we can use water-based woodwork paints instead.


Wood finishes: eggshell (non-shiny,but can show scuff marks), satinwood (durable mid-shine finish), gloss (very shiny,  very durable).


We ask clients to remove ornaments/valuables before we arrive. However we are happy for a small additional fee to do this if required. Then we will move the furniture into the centre of the room & cover and  put floor-covers over all the carpet.